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01 October 2020  Alastera has a new host server much more optimized and stable.
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11 October 2018 by GOD Alastera -

Welcome to Alastera

Alastera is a project of months of development.
We are a fully customized otserver of high exp with exclusive monsters, quests, system, sprites and items.
Our goal is to become a big server, so will never restart or make any drastic changes in server structure.
Any suggestions you have to improve the game you can contact us. We hope you enjoy.

Server started: 12/10/2018

More info? Read our Wiki Page

Dokurwiator Resets:2864
Januuszek Resets:2395
Lilith Resets:2383
Vendetta Resets:2332
Gino Resets:2126
Tarrimio Resets:2104
Rzeznik Resets:2075
Don Vito Resets:2053
Korv Resets:2009
Captain Resets:1958