27 June 2020  Triple experience event is active until June 30th.
29 May 2020  Double experience event is active until June 8th.
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11 October 2018 by GOD Alastera -

Welcome to Alastera

Alastera is a project of months of development.
We are a fully customized otserver of high exp with exclusive monsters, quests, system, sprites and items.
Our goal is to become a big server, so will never restart or make any drastic changes in server structure.
Any suggestions you have to improve the game you can contact us. We hope you enjoy.

Server started: 12/10/2018

More info? Read our Wiki Page

Diesel Resets: 1226
Knightking Resets: 1097
Diezel Resets: 976
Bikon Resets: 904
Gimmy Resets: 897
Sir Vus Resets: 893
Armatix Resets: 844
Neytiri Resets: 753
Deimas Resets: 707
Whyking Resets: 674