Dec 05 2022
Visit our New Casino in Ireland! :)
Dec 01 2022
Enjoy the double loot event! and use the command /mvip1122 to receive free days of master vip!
Dec 01 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. Check it using the command !events and !chest
Nov 15 2022
Now when you do daily tasks you will receive artifacts! Example if you do Akumakori daily task you will receive Akumakori Artifacts
Nov 04 2022
Updated the weekly events and mystery chest reward items. In game check it using the command !events and !chest
Sep 09 2022
Release - Minas Morgul War

Welcome to Alastera! Today we present our exclusive and brand new event for Guilds: Minas Morgul War!


Winner guild will get:
+25% bonus on experience rate to all members
Exclusive trainers
Exclusive Hunt Area
All this advantages are over when the guild loses the next war. 

Challenge the current Minas Morgul owner!
Destroy the 5 towers in the castle to win the war and conquer it with all your fellows!

To learn more about this new event, visit our Wiki page

Guilds come and then they go, Minas Morgul have seen many pass by. 
Are you the one who's going to stay? Good luck warriors! 
GM Kashima

Aug 21 2022
Update in OTClient and Mobile

Hello! Alastera Team have been working hard to improve your experience in the game! 
Today, I have some extremely important notes!


Client Update - New bot version vbot 4.8 (highly recommended to use it instead of cavebot 1.3)
red skull bug fix and other optimizations.

Please update your client downloading it from our website. Aiming to get all the bugs fixed, 
do not download it using the game launcher.

ATTENTION! Mobile Users: you must uninstall the oldest version then
download the new client version from our website!!! 
It's not possible to update from the launcher.

Thanks for playing with us! :)
 GM Kashima

Aug 15 2022
Updates Overview

Good news, that's all we wanna hear! So many updates, don't miss anything! 
This is an overview of all the recent releases.

A New Iceland 
Still the same but it looks so different! 
Our Main Custom City now has a new atmosphere! :) Take a look at the church view:


Hard Royale System 
An exciting experience for those who plays hard and there's also a generous reward to the winner!
30+ Hardcore Experience Potions!!
Be brave, build your hardcore and prepare for this battle royale and last survival PVP event!
This is an event for Hardcore characters only. Read more about it on our wiki page.

Nightmare System
For experienced ones, the 666 highscore players can enter the nightmare!
Read more about this event here.
It was a success since the realese! We had so many positive feedbacks! :) 
Have you found all the reward chests inside the nightmares?

What's coming next?
We've been working on the Open World! Iceland was a little glance of what is to come.
New Promotion Nobler will be released, Nobler is already there, waiting for you.
I'm sure you are as excited as us!

Thanks for playing with us! :)
 GM Kashima

Jul 21 2022
Release - Nightmare Hunts

AlasteraTeam would like to invite you to enter the Nightmare!
In-game command for schedule information: !ntime

The 666 high score players will receive a free ticket to experience the Nightmare Hunts.
If you are one of them, use the command in-game: !ticket

Only good news, right? At least until you get into the Nightmare!


Be prepared! Not many players knows what exactly a real nightmare is.
In the end, I hope you'll be fine! You will definitely get stronger, for sure!

Here it goes, it may help you: Nightmare Hunts Wiki.

See you on the flipside! :D

GM Kashima

Oct 11 2018
Welcome to Alastera!

Alastera is a world of Canob this otserv is online since october 2018 without server reset. 
We are a full custom otserv with features you've never seen on another server. Hope you enjoy!

Welcome, Carlosnef!
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