Guild: Infinity Players

A group of loyal and experienced players that found their home in Infinity. “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” Just active players! WAR IS COMING!!

Rank: Name: Status:
ChancellorDokurwiator Online
StrategistRzeznik Offline
GeneralDon Papa (Fuck Gentelmens) Online
GeneralFreesia Online
GeneralGhetty Online
GeneralJanuuszek Online
GeneralNaidraq Offline
GeneralNajek Online
GeneralOlinek Pall Offline

Invited characters

Korv Resets: 1981
Captain Resets: 1920
Gino Resets: 1767
Dokurwiator Resets: 1756
Mr Apofex Resets: 1753
Jokken Resets: 1700
Januuszek Resets: 1623
Knightking Resets: 1516
Freesia Resets: 1514
Najek Resets: 1415