Guild: Progressive Gentlemen

A group of active players with the common goal of rapid progression, working together as an unit. We are happy to help new players get started and to join us you need to speak decent english

Rank: Name: Status:
SwiftMr Apofex Offline
ClimberAmbush Online
ClimberBanga Online
ClimberCaptain Offline
ClimberDax Wax Offline
ClimberGino Online
ClimberKnightking Offline
ClimberNeytiri Offline
ClimberThe Reaper Offline
Korv Resets: 1981
Captain Resets: 1920
Gino Resets: 1767
Dokurwiator Resets: 1756
Mr Apofex Resets: 1753
Jokken Resets: 1700
Januuszek Resets: 1623
Knightking Resets: 1516
Freesia Resets: 1513
Najek Resets: 1414